Mamma Cavolfiore was founded in 2020 by a mom who wanted to create unique quality t-shirts.

My name is Iliana and I am a graphic designer. The idea of designing children’s t-shirts came from my son. Even before the age of 5 he drew dinosaurs dressed as buses, bees transformed to glue stick, asparagus in the form of pencil cases. The ever-evolving bunch of happy ideas sparked a light for this unique creation inside me; and still, every day I discover aspects of my creativity I never imagined existed.

Our collection is created with high quality cotton, ecological and non-toxic printing. Our packaging is eco-friendly with natural and recyclable materials, and everything is made in Athens, Greece!

Mamma Cavolfiore designs are also part of a newly established company in the field of tourism focused on promoting a quality range of original souvenir ideas for children & adults.

Sustainability as well as quality is the main goal in the creation of our products. After-sales customer service is high on our Company’s list! Any product that does not meet the given specifications will be replaced.

Cheerful colours, original designs made with love will be found on accessories & cotton t-shirts for the entire family. Extra care is given in printing with non-toxic dyes.

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Iliana Mousoudaki
Founder / Designer

What does Cavolfiore mean?

After graduating I launched the “Cavolfiore” Creative Studio as a freelancer. The studios’ projects mainly deal with visual communication work. 

In Italian Cavolfiore mean Cauliflower.

Cavolfiore symbolizes our ecological consciousness, the euphoria of proper nutrition and the management of goods as well as its fertility of nature. When I became a mom, I decided to create the Brand (mamma Cavolfiore)