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  • Worldwide

Free worldwide delivery for orders over €100.

For orders less than €100 we change €10 flat fee.

  • Greece

Free delivery for orders over €50.

For orders less than €50 euro we change for:

  • Athens € 2.90
  • Shipments to Land Greece € 3.20
  • Shipments to Island Greece € 3.50
  • To Remote / Inaccessible Areas € 3.70

All orders are delivered via Speedex

Your order will be dispatched the next business day.

Secure Payment Options

Debit/Credit Cards
Via Paypal
Cash on delivery + € 5.00

Bank Deposit:
Alpha Bank IBAN
National Bank of Greece IBAN

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All orders in Greece delivered in 1 up to 3 days
International orders 5 up to 10 days